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Sample Quote
25 foot bed and 2 tool boxes $7,000.00
2 additional tool boxes $560.00
9,000 pound Pierce winch $1,100.00
Winch cover $120.00
Clipped corners $95.00
Two winch binders (top-front) $180.00
Heavy deck $420.00
Hitch receiver (under rear of truck or on T-bar) $135.00
Back-up lights $60.00
Four deck lights $120.00
Two additional side lights $30.00
Prep, primer, and paint (1 color) $3,250.00
One gas filler cup $35.00
Center track $315.00
2 pairs of holes in center track, 6" apart, starting 13' from rear $150.00
Extra width on bed (100") $400.00
Center ramp for tongue $200.00
Reinforced T-bar, bottom filled, and four lights $470.00
Ball stand for center channel $200.00
Two trailer plugs (1 on T-bar and 1 on rear) $90.00
Make ramps hangers extra wide NC
4 extra D rings $72.00
Telescoping hitch (4") $675.00

This is a price list designed to help you determine what options you might want on your Hodges haul & tow bed. You may add or subtract any options you wish. If you need help determining the price of a bed, please call us at (800) 851-7229 or send us an email from our contacts page.